General Counsel or Vice President Legal

The most searched General Counsel or Vice President Legal is...
  1. Richard Egosi, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Legal (Leave of Absence)
  2. Mark McGuire, Eaton, Legal & Secretary (-> Mar 1 2017)
  3. Donald Rosenberg, Qualcomm, Legal & Secretary
  4. Kathleen Waters, Health Net, Legal & Secretary
  5. Linda Rockett, Wave Life Sciences, Legal
  6. Bruce Sewell, Apple, Legal
  7. Lucy Helm, Starbucks, Legal & Secretary
  8. Mark Smolik, EXEL, Legal & Compliance
  9. Antonio Abril Abadin, Inditex - Zara, Legal & Secretary
  10. Idrus Bin Ismail, Telekom Malaysia, Legal & Secretary

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His or her mission is to contractually protect the company’s strategic assets.


The General Counsel or Vice President Legal has operational roles. He writes and checks the main contracts of the company including sales, procurement, real estate, insurance and acquisitions. He pays special attention to the company's intellectual property, the trademarks, the licenses and the rights and obligations in general. He monitors and solves the various disputes. He is assisted by a small team of lawyers and some specialized law firms and lobbyists.

The General Counsel or Vice President Legal has strategic roles which have strengthened over recent years with the growing complexity of regulations, and the increasing numbers of actions taken by customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, competitors or the community. He or she assists the entire management team. His direct boss is the company’s President or CEO or the Chief Operating Officer or COO. Sometimes his function is combined with that of Corporate Secretary or Secretary of the Board of Directors. He often attends the Executive Committee.

The most common titles covering the responsability of General Counsel include Counsel - Vice President Legal - Legal Director - Director of Legal - or - Senior Vice President Corporate Legal -.

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