HR and Marketing Synergies Grow


Large companies throughout the world are increasingly focused on developing their brand not just with prospective customers, but also with existing employees. To develop and communicate an “employer brand”, corporate human resources executives are leveraging many of the tools traditionally managed by marketing departments–social media, internal communications and advertising. Because human resources departments may lack the… More


The Best BtoB Sales Triggers


Business to business (BtoB) customers typically search the web before contacting a potential supplier. One would think that this would accelerate the BtoB selling cycle, but experience shows that just the opposite is happening. Why is this? When some steps in the selling process are shortened, others are lengthened because customers are assessing their options… More


It’s Better to Address God Than His Saints

God Saints Sales Chess Square

  The French, we have a proverb that, translated to English, goes like this: It’s better to address God than His Saints. In no profession is it more applicable than sales, where the difference between success and failure is reaching the right person with the right message at the right time. But who is the… More


Seven Trends Poised to Drive Business Development

BusDev - Aesop Statue

In recent weeks, we have highlighted trends likely to impact the executive recruiting and management consulting industries in the year to come.  We conclude with a look at one of the most vital functions of any company: business development. There is every good reason to believe the year to come offers a continuation of some… More


Seven Trends for Management Consulting in 2015

Consulting - Best Trends 2015

Management consultants have good reason for cheer.  Their industry segment in the US only has grown over 4% every year since 2009, reaching $165 billion in 2014 (IbisWorld). Their revenue is poised to keep growing in the year to come. 2015 also presents new realities and challenges in an industry that is ever-evolving and that is impacted by… More


Five Apps for Sales and Business Development

BusDev - All Apps

For the sales professional, the diverse, vast and hugely critical functional responsibilities associated with the sales function have led to the development of literally thousands of apps that may be useful in various components of the sales process.  As we did in our prior posts for CFOs and HR professionals, however, we have honed in… More