Could you provide me with the e-mail of the contacts I am looking for?

No. Neither your e-mail, nor the one of any executive will be sold, traded, rented or posted. To contact an executive, you can use our platform that let the executive decide whether he wants to answer you. 


May I add some contacts anonymously? 

Yes. Always. Apart from you, only the site know the author. 


Are the information in the org chart infringing the privacy of the executives?

Our members fill in some basic  public, verifiable information of professional information available of most business cards and known by a large number of people. To avoid infringing any privacy, every contact can opt to receive any e-mail and we never communicate any e-mail. 


Am I allowed to post all the contacts I know onThe Official Board?

Yes in almost all the case. We require our members to make sure they do not infringe any intellectual property rights and to respect their company policy. Some companies might require their employees to not communicate on their org chart. 


You can consult our privacy policy or ask any questions at [email protected]