Your corporate access in SaaS

Company-wide, your users can access to the freshest executive and company details that we have collected and verified. Each user has his own access optimized for your exact company needs. Some statistics are available for your convenience.

Our data and our services are immediately available. We take care of the maintenance, the uptime and the data. 

Recent examples include dedicated search interface in our historical data, premium access to several hundred users, specific news filtering to be the first to know, feed by our analysts on some specific departments (e.g. VP Tax).

The annual cost starts at $9,990. It provides unlimited access during 12 months to our data for up to 100 users. Depending of your expected level of personalization, a development budget and a test period might be scheduled.

Summary: For less than $100 per user per year, the best verified information of corporate decision-makers is accessible to the key stakeholders in your company. Please challenge us! Our ambition is to make you so happy that you will renew for several years. For more details and for any specific needs, please contact us at