Empower your team with verified executive data

Empower your team with customized Premium or VIP accesses.

Your team members will be able to spot and contact the best executives at the best companies anywhere in the world.

Your team will be able to view and download the org charts of the named accounts in their industries and enrich your CRM. They will get the executive biographies and their contact details. 

As the manager, you will decide which services/features that your team should have access. We will train your team members to best benefit from your service selection and provide you with monthly usage statistics.


Empower your team with customized corporate data.

Our data are incredibly rich and highly structured. They allow some of our customers to extract unique actionnable information which can be viewed by every member of their team through their company Intranet (e.g. The executives who left in the last 3 years one of the S&P 500 companies searchable by department, industry and country for a recruiting firm).

How it works? We will explore with you all our available data that can meet your business expectations. After testing them with your team, we will propose you an interface matching your corporate culture/wording and integrate it in your intranet.


Annual cost starts at $9,990.

Depending of your expected level of personalization, a development budget and a test period might be scheduled.

Data can also be downloaded on your servers through API.

Please contact@theofficialboard.com to know more. We will promptly reply and make our best to make your team so addictive that you will renew your subscription for several years!