More about Premium & VIP Memberships

What are the main differences between Premium and VIP?

Premium is a self-service unlimited access to our database for an individual user: you can consult all the org charts you want, be alerted on the executive moves, use our advanced search and send a few contact emails. 

With VIP, beyond the Premium services, you can download lists of executives by yourself or ask us to do it. We will send you within 24/48 hours the excel file.
With VIP, if some companies or some executives were missing, we will make our best efforts to find them provided that the companies make more than $100M in annual revenue and that the executives are CEO/Member of the Board or N-1 or N-2 to the CEO.
With VIP, we will also assist you to watch the companies, the roles that matter the most for you. We will show you how to schedule alerts.

Examples of downloads of executive files for VIP:

A consulting firm asked for all the VP Talent Management in the US -> We sent them the excel file w/ 2,000 names (name, role company, company phone).
A large media firm asked for all the org charts of the big companies in Italy -> We sent them the excel file w/ 10,000 names (name, role company, company phone).
A software firm asked us for all the VP Retail at high tech companies in Europe -> We sent them the excel file w/ 2,500 names (name, role company, company phone, boss names).

Example of company/function surveillance for VIP: 
A large retailer asked us to watch its ten main competitors with a special focus on some functions
-> We have checked all the subsidiaries at those 10 competitors to make sure none were missing;
-> We have completed some of the missing functions at those 10 competitors.
This retailer now receives daily alerts when anything happens a those 10 companies and their subsidiaries globally.

Example of market/function searches for VIP:

A consumer firm asked us to find some VP Manufacturing/Operations in several LATAM countries:
-> We have searched those profiles on various sources;
-> We have added new companies in those countries;
-> Our new data have confirmed and completed by the executives themselves.
About 250 rare profiles were delivered in 4 markets/countries.

Can I see more data when I am Premium or VIP?

No. We provide the same data for all users. Yet, we do not the same levels of service access. Why? Having on top of our tools and our experts, 500,000 members checking and updating the data is a unique asset for our Premium and our VIP who have the most comprehensive access to the information they need. 

Please note that we do not provide the executives' email to respect their privacy. We cover all the private and public companies making over $100M in annual revenue. We do not cover governmental bodies nor philantropic assocations.


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