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His or her mission is to develop the company's image internally and externally


The Vice President Communication has operational roles.  He directly manages advertising, press relations, public relations, publications of the company, and the company’s presence on the Internet.  He serves as the spokesperson for the company’s management to the public and to the media. He often subcontracts some parts  of his work to communication agencies specialized  in advertising, media relations, event organizations or Internet to stimulate his creativity and to complete his teams.


The Vice President Communication has strategic roles. He positions the brands against its competitors to give them meaning. He orchestrates the major events involving the top leaders and assists them.  He reports to the President or to Vice President of Marketing. He often attends the Executive Committee. 


The most common titles covering the responsability of Vice President Communication include Vice President of Communication -  Senior Vice President, Corporate Communication - Communication Director or Director of Communication.


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