Vice President Marketing or Chief Marketing Officer

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His or her mission is to understand, satisfy and predict the needs of its current and prospective customers.


The Vice President Marketing has operational roles.  He works daily on pricing and developing product lines. He develops the product brands and positions them in the market. He builds the sales tools and merchandising materials for the sales force and for distribution. He pays special attention to the margins, the market trends, the distribution trends and the competition. He collaborates with the various teams in Research and Development, manufacturing, procurement, sales, communication and management.  His direct reports often include managers of product, merchandising, distribution, market survey, communication and Internet. He is often the company’s spokesperson for products and brands.  


The Vice President Marketing has strategic roles. He anticipates market trends so that the company can allocate its resources toward the most promising opportunities.  He reports to the company’s President or CEO or to its Chief Operation Officer. He often attends the Executive Committee.


The most common titles covering the responsability of Vice President Marketing include Senior Vice President, Marketing - Marketing Director - Director of Marketing - Chief Marketing Officer - or - CMO -.



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