What's in the database?


Which executives are listed?

The three first levels of any companies earning over $100M: the President and the members of the supervisory board, the direct reports of the President and their direct reports.


Why are only a few executive names visible to visitors ?

We provide visitors some well-known names for them to have reference points when searching on the Internet. The hard-to-find names are only shared with our members.


Why only three reporting levels?

With three reporting levels, you can cover up to 100 executives. Most of them have significant contacts outside the companies. Once you expand beyond three levels, the org chart gets cumbersome with too much complexity.  We prefer to open another org chart for a large division or a subsidiary.


Why have both full titles and short titles?

The full titles are the ones you would find on business cards. Many executive titles contain over 10 words… To simplify the understanding  of “who does what ?" within an org chart, we use the short titles,   skipping for instance the “ Senior Vice President, Member of the Executive Committee …”. 


Why are the titles only listed in English?

Each title reflects the culture of the company, the country of registration and the legal structure of the company. Translation of titles into many languages is not an easy task and is not always meaningful. The short titles are there to help those who are not native speakers of English.


How I know if the org chart is complete?

We do not collect this information. One way to guess it is to check whether all the usual functions are covered in companies in a similar industry with a similar size.


Why do you list only the companies with a revenue over $100M?

Usually, the largest companies have a broader range of potential partners and employees. We might adjust this in the future if there is a need.  Contact us to provide feedback [email protected]


What percentage of companies with revenues over $100M are currently listed?

We estimate that 85,000 companies worldwide are eligible. We cover about 90% percent, with new contributions every day. The three reporting level for those listings represent about two million high-level executive contacts.


Why so little information on each company?

We concentrate on what nobody provides today : the org charts beyond the publicized positions for free. We provide links to the some of best additional web-based resources as well.