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Org charts & biographies
Org chart credit at sign up 15 org charts Unlimited Unlimited
Executives' biographies
& company news
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Search & Surveillance
Email alerts of the company moves oui oui oui
Advanced search: cross filter by
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Search of any missing executives
in our org charts (-> 500 names)
Monthly surveillance of your 100
companies e.g. Luxury in Italy
Contact any executives
Get any company phones oui oui
Contact by email the executives
through our platform
  60 contacts/ year 400 contacts/ year
Download & integrate our data
Rest API for updating
your org charts
25 requests 400 requests 2,000 requests
Org charts in Excel and PDF   oui oui
Download in Excel your search results
e.g., TAx in US, UK, CA (->10,000 names/ year)
Receive on demand any executive lists
e.g., VP HR at S&P 500 (->10,000 names/ year)
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90% of the decisions are made by a team of executives. On-the-spot identification of the key decision makers will accelerate your business and your career.

70% of the executives leave within 2 years...

Our statistics confirm this week after week... Real time org charts coupled with alerts become a must-have for securing your business development.

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