How to contact an executive?

With our contact tool, you can get in touch with any executives you need in a few seconds. To be successful, you need to follow simple rules 


1. Be direct, easy and relevant.

Executives have plenty of time for relevant proposals and information.  Otherwise, like you, they have no time to lose.  

Speak to them the way you would speak to a friend you respect. 100 words max is a good target for your first email.

Sometimes they will answer right away, sometimes it may take a while. The goal is to open a communication channel and to generate trust. Don't expect more from a first contact. 

If you fit with their needs, things can move quickly. If it does not fit, they will say you no. It is much better to have someone tell you now than telling you after 3 months of effort... You all will have gained a lot of time.

The secret is a well-thought preparation

Given the density of our database, given the size of the yearly budgets spent by our 75,000+ companies and given the number of daily executive moves, you have plenty of opportunities right in front of you.


2. Be transparent about yourself.

Use an email containing your full name coming from your company (e.g.  Nobody will expect relevant information from Provide your direct phone and your company web site. 

Your contact will verify who you are before answering to you. Make it easy for him to get reference about you.

Executives receive a lot of solicitations, and they appreciate transparency.  If it matters to them, you will soon get email, a call or an appointment to really discuss it. Guaranteed!

3. Don't be annoying. 

Our listed executives are all extremely successful business executives. They are very busy. They are very experienced and know all the tricks...

Focusing on how you can help them (and help yourself) will save everyone's time.


Real life examples

• Nina is the VP of Key Accounts and sends "congrats" to give insights to her prospects.

• Mike is the Managing Partner of a large fund and "gets in touch" with friends' friends.

• Ophelia is a Supply Chain Director and sends smart suggestions to her prospective employer.


Next suggested steps

Gather facts to be more relevant

Contact the executive now (do not procrastinate!)

Read one  of the most inspiring book on the subject (Jill is really excellent!)

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