Can I just visit, or should I become a member?


Why should I become a Member?

Because good information helps you be better prepared for your business.  You'll stay informed of any changes in your customers and contacts around the world. In addition, before organizing an important meeting, you will be able to double check the roles of the executives you will meet and better understand the way they work.


What can a visitor do?

A visitor can see all the functions included in each org chart with the initials of its occupants. A visitor can search all the org charts by industry and by country. In each org chart, a few executive’s names are provided.


What can a member do?

On top of what a visitor can see, a member receives email alerts on the companies or on the keywords he has chosen, with the names and the titles of the updated executives. He can also search executives with different criteria. The members can also consult the full org chart often containing over 50 executives.


How are members compensated for their contributions?

Our unit of currency is called a Taler, which was a European unit of currency in the middle ages. Members who contribute information are paid in Talers, which they can then spend to get detailed information about an executive or company.


Are the search results different for a visitor and a member?

Yes, when you are logged as member, you search the databases of the companies and of the executives. When you are not logged in, you are seen as a visitor and search only the database of the companies.


How does your business model work?

Unlike traditional databases, we do not operate large call centers. Every member contributes a little and receives a lot for free. Our charges from premium subscriptions cover site moderation and improvements to the site. The business model is often called Freemium.