Get and synchronize your data in real time

Get and synchronize our real time data to your CRM or to your data warehouse.


1. Download org charts and all the alerts in CSV/Excel

•  This service is available to our Premium or VIP members.

•  You can select and download these yourself.


2. Executive files in CSV/Excel 

• The service is available in self-service to our VIP members.

• You can also email your needs at

• You will send you their names, roles, companies & industries.


   Recent file requests:

   • EVP, SVP & VP managing supply chain & logistics in Fortune 500 (1000+ names); 

   • EVP, SVP & VP involved in digital & social media (500+ names) in Luxury Goods; 

   • All the org charts of the FTSE 100 (10,000+ names).


3. Rest API to update any org charts on demand

Description of the API.

• Log in as a member and go into My preferences.

• Generate your security token.

• Start using our Rest API.


Please contact us to know more at

Corporate customized access are also available through dedicated APIs