FAQs from our corporate prospects

1. How is your data updated?
Our business is to display real time organizational charts. Their content is constantly updated with all the publicly reliable corporate information and verified with company stakeholders and with company executives by email.
Our daily challenge is to catch all executive appointments, terminations, resignations and reassignments. We algorithmically monitor some 700,000 dependable sources on a 24/7 basis that our highly trained industry analysts have carefully selected. Each entry is then independently verified by one of our analysts.
To keep all the organizational charts of companies making over $100M in annual revenue current, we are making about 3,000 changes a day. We are checking the coherence of each of these changes when inserting these position changes in our existing organizational charts.
2. What are your sources?
Keeping our data current is a gigantic, ever-moving jigsaw.
Many sources are scrutinized simultaneously to catch the slightest changes in real time. They include our 24/7 move detection, expert crowdsourcing, internal industry analysts, and direct verification by email with every executive.
None of these sources independently provides the complete picture, but cumulatively they guide us in our updates and revisions.
Here are some additional insights:
Algorithms. Our algorithms detect any moves on over 700,000 qualified public sources that we consider reliable. These include corporate websites, speaker conference lists, product testimonies, press releases, and other sources that we utilize in ensuring the accuracy of our data. Then our highly trained industry analysts decide to enter them or not.
Experts. Our 600,000+ active members are invited to contribute to our data or to give us feedback when something seems not up to date or inaccurate. A feedback button is provided on each organizational chart and the number of participating members is indicated at the bottom of each of these charts. All the contributors are kept confidential. They can be vendors, insiders, corporate communication, customers, or others with insight to a company’s executive organizational chart.
Verification: We send each executive for whom we have made an update an email for them to independently verify our update. We send 3,000 such verification emails a day and receive responses from over sixty percent of these executives.
We also use analytics to ensure that our information is both current and reliable. This includes algorithmic coherence checking, random accuracy canvassing and granular freshness dashboard. Our goal is to ensure our affordable data never means low quality.
3. Are you GPDR compliant?
Yes, we are! We are a Europe-headquartered company (near Paris, France). GPDR compliance and Privacy are part our DNA. Being compliant with applicable regulations is a prerequisite when working with companies and executives.
Beyond full compliance with regulations, we consider ourselves as the fiduciary custodian of the data we collect. We strive to keep earning and keeping the trust we have enjoyed since the company was created ten years ago.
Let us be more specific:
We collect publicly verifiable information about visible executives in visible companies, that we parse and organize. The only personal information that we keep is the professional email of each executive, which we use exclusively and internally to verify the data with each executive.
Our belief: Every data provider should act as a responsible party with its stored data and respect the legitimate interests of each stakeholder. This why we do not provide some data (e.g., executive emails) even if some of our competitors do.
To add a personal touch, the company was founded following conversations with Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos. Both Steve and Jeff were well known for their propensity of secrecy regarding their executive teams. We have ensured that the concept makes both of them and other high profile industry executives comfortable with our mission and approach.

4. Do you offer any free trial?
Yes! The fastest way is to try one of our individual accesses or check one of our (short) demos.
Register as a free member. You get instant access to 15 companies of your choice anywhere in the world as any Premium and VIP member.
Buy a fully refundable Premium and VIP access. These are fully refundable within the first 15 days. No questions asked.
Our raison d’être is to have the most up to date data available. It is an uphill battle that we enjoy winning every day. We also enjoy sharing what we are doing. So do not hesitate to challenge us with ambitious projects.

5. How are the data delivered?
Our verified data (Data) can be delivered on your company servers through custom API or by email. The file formats include XML, Excel, JPEG and PDF. The Data can be pushed instantly, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.
The Data also can be pulled on your request through standard or customized REST API and be accessed on our servers through standard or customized interface (Data as a Service).

6. What are the permitted uses of the data?
The Data can be used for your internal needs.
Some customers feed their CRMs with our organizational charts to help their salesforce have a broader understanding of the executives associated with their accounts (Account Based Management) and have them alerted when important executive movements occur.
The Data also can be used for your external needs and eventually mixed with your other data.
Some customers provide SaaS applications powered by their algorithms to let their customers find business opportunities. They mix financial data, internal data and our executive movements.
Other customers (e.g., Dow Jones and Lexis Nexis) are providing thousands of sources behind a paywall aimed at market analysis, account-based marketing and due diligences.

7. How are you different from your competitors?
LinkedIn is about Middle-Management and is very present in some industries. 38 percent of our 1,100,000 decision makers are on LinkedIn, but 62 percent are not.
Bordex, Bloomberg or FactSet focus on key officers and their biographies for most of their listed companies. On the other hand, we provide over five times more decision makers on any public and private companies making over $100M in annual revenue.
D&B lists the main officers of hundreds of millions of companies. providing credit ratings for each legal entity. We display the detailed structures (not only the key officers) of any companies making over $100 million in annual revenue.
Google covers millions of free sources that are not always fully verified nor kept updated. On the other hand, every piece of information that we post is verified and enriched through multiple reliable sources. Then, our data is regularly checked algorithmically and humanly to ensure its accuracy.

8. Why do you say that “an organizational chart cannot lie”?
Every company has limited resources (including Google, Amazon, Apple or Microsoft). When a new executive role is needed, when an existing executive role does not perform, the company management cannot afford to not fix it promptly.
Each executive is under the scrutiny of the internal teams. The management team feels (logically) accountable to their team from which they often ask a lot. The executive business titles, executive movements and organizational charts are thus reliable in understanding a company and its organizational structure in real time.

9. Quick questions
Can we have a call? Much of the information you might logically seek is readily available on our site. But please email us if anything seems missing. We answer promptly so you can decide if a call would be helpful.
Is your data set growing? Yes, it is growing net about 10 percent a year. Beyond this about a third of the executives we monitor leave their existing positions and are replaced each year, so executive turnover is extensive and requires the sort of consistent monitoring we provide.
Are we your first corporate customer? No. Several corporate customers have started working with us eight years ago and still honor us with their trust. We would love to work with you too!
Do you work with academics? Yes, we do, and we provide special prices to academic institutions. We enjoy working with academics (e.g., we have been working for years with fantastic research teams at both MIT and Harvard Business School).
How many different companies do you follow? We follow over 80,000 companies currently. Over 45,000 of these are independent companies (e.g., Microsoft) and over 35,000 of them are subsidiaries (e.g., Microsoft Germany).


Please contact us to know more at [email protected].