Tips for creating and managing your alerts


When will I receive my alerts?

• Your daily alerts are emailed every evening (around 7:00 pm Central Europe Time),
• Your weekly alerts are emailed every Tuesday,
• Your monthly alerts are emailed every first day on the month.


Your alerts can be set up by:

• Select your company (anticipate 1 or 2 emails a month),
• Select our group option to catch all the moves at the mothers, and daughters,

• Select your executive name,
• Anticipate 1 to 4 emails a year.

• Select your list or index (e.g., Global Fortune 500 or S&P 500),
• Anticipate 1 to 5 emails a week.

Segment with your Premium or VIP access
• Just select the country, the industry, or the function (e.g., CFO),
• Attach the Excel file if you are a VIP. 


Your alerts can be viewed and modified in My Alerts.


Stay informed without being overwhelmed with our executive move alerts.

We provide the most important and relevant updates from the past 30 days, so you get the information you need without any spam. Check out a real-time sample on our home page

Please note that our alerts prioritize timely and relevant information, so we don't include movements that occurred over 30 days ago.

However, you can access a comprehensive list of all changes through our Watch REST API or executive movement data sets.


Want more?

Become a VIP customer: attach Excel files listing all your news and schedule instant alerts that will be emailed to you about an hour after they are posted on our site. 

Corporate customers can receive personalized movement notifications. Choose specific data fields for your selected companies and receive daily or weekly updates in your data lake.


To know more please contact us at [email protected]