Advanced alerts on your markets


Be the first to know: Our alerts are powerful tools to watch your markets and to act when important moves happen. 


Level 1 - Watch the company and the group to which it belongs

• Select our group option to get all the moves within the group (mothers, sisters and daughters). 

• For most businesses, a weekly watch period is fine. Anticipate 1 or 2 alerts a month.


Level 2 - Watch all the key moves in an industry or in a country (Premium & VIP)

• Just select the country or the industry

• You can select an industry within a country


Level 3 - Watch all the key moves within a function (Premium & VIP)

• Target a role w/ a meaningful word in the business titles such as "Human" or "Digital" or select one of the 50 functions - Accounting, Tax, Treasury, Risk... - .

• You will see all the newcomers and all the vacated positions within your selected profile. You can fine tune by industry and by country. 


Advanced alerts in the real life...

• Nina is VP of Key Accounts watching her customers, prospects and competitors

• Ophelia is a Supply Chain Director watching his prospective employers

• Small companies get big business watching their prospects


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