Advanced Search Tips



• Find the exact people you want by role, country, company or industry.

• Discover new contacts of whom you might have been unaware.


Tip 1 - Use meaningful words when searching a role.

• Director, President, Director, Department, Resources... are not meaningful words

• Human, Digital, Marketing, Supply, Sales... are meaningful words


Tip 2 - Spot a "dream" contact and get all the similar "profiles".

• Your preferred customer is the VP Human Resources in a German Insurance company

• All the similar profiles will be found in "Human" role, in "Insurance" through Advanced Search


Tip 3 - See all the executives with the same roles in a mother company and its subsidiaries

• Select our advanced search, select the company & include all the subsidiaries (soon available)

• Under Title, select a word included in all the functions (e.g. Human or Sales or Enterprise)


Tip 4 - Tell us what is missing... we will try our very best to to help you find what you need 

 • Use "rate the org chart" at the bottom of each org chart and just tell what you need... 

• Help us understand which functions, companies, industries, countries... matter the most for you at 




• Nina is VP of Global Key Accounts searching new, large customers

• Ophelia is a Supply Chain Director looking for a new professional challenge


Next steps... 

• Get the latest business news about a company or an executive

• Contact the executive and provide a positive impact

• Upgrade to Premium to view all you need without limits