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This document lists the companies, the executives and the executive movements that can be included in your corporate data feed.

The main data fields are also available for individual subscribers. All our data feeds are (of course) GPDR compliant

The more you can tell about your project, the more you can benefit from our decade of experience.

If some data were not included in the below list, please do not be shy and ask. Our data set keeps growing. What you need may be in development or available through proxies or external sources.

To learn more, please [email protected]. We are looking forward to serving you!

1.0 Your companies can be selected within

• 200+ countries (including the US states) and 85+ industries;

• 20+ predefined lists (Russell 3000, Global Forbes 2000, Stoxx 600, ...);

• Your company list (just send it to us). 


1.1 Your core fields (100% coverage)

 • Company unique ID (our unique identifier);

 • Company name (commercial name);

 • Company industry (85+ industries);

 • Company country (200+ countries);

 • Company corporate web site;

 • Company phone number (switchboard);

 • URL to our org charts (to drag additional information);

 • URL to give feedback (to ask our analyst to verify/enrich the org chart);


1.2 Your complementary fields (examples)

• Company stock ticker (when applicable);

• Mother company name (when applicable);

• Mother company unique ID (when applicable);

• Ultimate mother company name (when applicable);

• Ultimate mother company unique ID (when applicable);

• 20+ list belonging (when applicable e.g. Fortune 500 or Russell 3000);

• Company entry date in TOB (first time we started following this company);

• Company last update date in TOB (last time we detected a move);

• Company Twitter handle (when applicable);

• Company US states (when applicable);

• Company alternative names (companies may change names or have several names).

• Company organizational chart in PDF, JPEG or Excel files.

2.0 Your executives within companies can be selected by

• 4 Reporting levels: Board of Directors, CEO, N-1 to CEO and N-2 to CEO;

• 50 Functional departments (e.g., Digital, IT, Analytics, Risk...)


 2.1 Your core fields (100% coverage)

 • Executive unique ID (our unique identifier);

 • Executive name;

 • Executive business title;

 • Executive reporting level (Board, CEO, N-1 or N-2 to CEO);

 • Executive department.


2.2 Your complementary fields (examples)

• Executive boss unique ID

• Other jobs in other companies (when applicable);

• Executive education (when applicable);

• Executive former jobs (when applicable);

• Executive Twitter professional handle (when applicable);

• URL to our executive biographies;

• URL to other public biographies (LinkedIn, Bloomberg...).


3.0 Your executive movements for executives within companies can be selected by

• Movement type: added, updated or deleted from the company org chart;

• Recent Movement Delivery: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly;

• Historical Movement Period: up to 5 years old.


3.1 Your core fields (100% coverage)

 • Movement unique ID (our unique identifier);

 • Movement recording date (our detection date);

 • Movement type (added, updated or deleted from the company org chart);

 • Movement effective date: Today, Future Date (e.g. Feb. 15, 2024)

 • Former executive business title;

 • Former executive Reporting Level (Board, CEO, N-1 to CEO, N-2 to CEO);

 • New executive business title;

 • New executive reporting level (Board, CEO, N-1 to CEO, N-2 to CEO).


3.2 Your complementary fields (examples)

 • Executive unique ID (our unique identifier);

 • Movement full text description (useful to structure algorithms);

 • Movement detection pattern (News = last 7 days, Recent = Last 90 days)

 • Movement key words (retiring, retired, promoted, will join...);

 • Former executive department;

 • New executive department.