Reliability of the information


How do you check the accuracy of the information provided?

This is where our great team of members comes in. Each member, when providing information, certifies that this is the most accurate information they have access to. In addition, there are many members keeping track of each company. Each one of them receives an email alert on any move within the companies he wishes. Whenever we have a new information regarding an executive, we e-mail him notification of the changes, provided we have a valid business e-mail. (This is a good reason to keep your email address accurate with us. To update your information, please go to My Account.)


How can I trust that incorrect information won't be posted about me?

As a courtesy to the Executive who are Members, any change to a posting about you will be sent to you via email. Although you will not be able to identify the author of the proposed change, you have 72 hours to verify that the change is valid or invalid. This is why you need to be sure that we have an accurate email address for you.

Is the posted information reliable ?

It is as reliable as our team of members can make it. Company organizations are often adapting to rapidly shifting new environments. We rely on the best expertise of our members to track the moves of people and org charts. Yet, in spite of their vigilance, there still might be an error or outdated information. If you can spot something that needs updating, please fix it, and earn some Talers along the way!


I just spotted an error. What do I do ?

Act quickly. You and all the members rely on the most updated information. The best solution is for you to edit the information directly on the company org chart. The update is immediate and you can earn some credit as well. Alternatively, you could email us at and we will try to fix the situation.


What are the consequences if I certify incorrect information?

If you realize your error, please correct it as soon as possible. If we are certain your information is incorrect, it will cost you 5 Talers for each field of incorrect data. (First name. Last name, etc.) If an entry is found to be incorrect more than 7 days after your update, you would not be charged a penalty as we consider the information might have changed.


What is the reliability rate in My Account?

It is a measure of the accuracy of your contributions. We take the total number of fields (First Name, Last Name, etc.) you have certified, subtract the incorrect fields, and divide it by the total.


What happens if my reliability rate is consistently below 80%?

A reliability rate of 90% to 95% is a good one given the speed with which companies and their organizational structures are evolving. Unfortunately, if as a member you too often provide inaccurate information this is a problem for the other members. In some extreme cases, we would have to consider your radiation.


How can I trust the site if some members only have a reliability rate around 90%?

Even if individual members' contributions have some inconsistencies, the beauty is in the constant checks and balances of the whole team of members. The same model works for Wikipedia or Linux, which in spite of their young age and thanks to their community model, were more reliable than their competitors built by teams of experts.