Exchange Rate between members


View all the names of an org chart and its evolution during a year 1 Taler
E-mail a contact (for Premium Members only) 10 Talers
Pay a penalty for providing an erroneous information (we can't remember of any... ) 5 Talers
Add a Contact (first name, last name, business email, title) 10 Talers
Add a reporting line on a Contact 5 Talers
Add a company (industry, web site, country of registration) 10 Talers
Fix either email, level, title, reporting line or company information 5 Talers



The  Taler is the currency of exchange among the members. When you submit data, your earn Talers. When you view the details of a contact or an org chart, you are charged Talers. Adding a contact earns 10 Talers. Viewing a detailed org chart, all its contacts and its evolution during a year costs 1 Taler.


Example 1

You add John Van der Broek, your best friend,  as Marketing Vice President 

His e-mail is, his direct boss is the President. You also fill in 2 existing contacts who report to him: the eBusiness Manager and the Sustainable Development Manager.

                    You get     1 contact x 10 Talers  = 10 Talers

                                     3 new lines x 5 Talers = 15 Talers

                                                               Total =  25 Talers


Example 2

You learn that Pamela Hamilton, the Human Resources Vice President of your main supplier has a new job

She has become Chief Financial Officer. You update her title, cut the reporting line with the Hiring Manager and add a reporting line with the Accounting Manager. 

                    You get     1 title x 5 Talers  = 5 Talers

                                  1 cut line x 5 Talers = 5 Talers

                                  1 new line x 5 Talers = 5 Talers

                                                          Total15 Talers


Example 3

You add Pierre Durand, as Logistics Vice President 

After our checking, the e-mail you have provided is not right and one of our members informs us that he is not the Logistics Vice President but the Sales Vice President. We let you know. You acknowledge that you have been confused between those 2 persons during your meeting last week in Madrid.

                     You get      1 contact x 10 Talers = 10 Talers

                                           2 errors x 5 Talers = -10 Talers

                                                                Total =  0 Talers


                     The  member gets  1 e-mail x 5 Talers = 5 Talers

                                                         1 title x 5 talers = 5 Talers

                                                                        Total  = 10 Talers