5 tips to find a job


Ophelia Fernandez (*) is searching a new job opportunity

She was Supply Chain Manager at a large Brazilian retailer and had to leave to take care of her family. Now, she is looking for a position in the retail supply chain, in the transportation industry or in the logistic industry. Given her experience and her salary expectations, she targets local and global companies making over $100M in annual revenue.


Tip 1 - List her 10 "dream" companies

She consults our retail, logistics and transportation company list. She narrows to South America and then to Brazilian companies. She selects among hundreds of prestigious companies the 10 companies she dreams of. Some companies are obvious, some comapnies are much less obvious. All this is included in our Networker membership (free).


Tip 2 - Be alerted when moves happen in her company list (move = opportunity!)

She identifies for each of them who are the best persons to contact locally and at the headquarters (CEO, COO, Operations…). For each company, she is alerted with her NetWorker membership with an email when a key executive move happens (free).


Tip  3 - Share the org charts with your network

She downloads each org chart in CSV or PDF and spots the “supply chain”, “operations”, “logistics” existing roles. She consults the executives’ mini-biographies to understand how she could best relate to them thanks to her professional network. All this is included in her Premium (no limit).


Tip 4 - Be the first to know about key moves in her profession

When moves happen, opportunities occur for new entrants. She sets up alerts on “Operations” role and on “Retail” industry in “Brazil” as included in her Premium (no limit).


Tip 5 - Build links with key executives

She searches who could be her future boss and who could refer her to future boss. Then she shares with her targets impactful insights so that they will want to meet her to know more. She uses our "get in touch" contact service guarantying her 40 contacts per year per Premium.



• Shortening her search period of 1 month generates her $3,000 incremental revenue

• Annual Cost: $299 (Premium)



(*) Her name has been changed.