Reduce your customer risks

Mark Klein (*) is the Chief Executive Officer at a European Packaging Company.

Robin’s company is doing well but is too dependent on too few customers. He worries as being too exposed to a downturn as his competition intensifies on price. He is considering expanding beyond its consumer goods customers and prospecting in the consumer electronics industry and in the food industry. 


Step 1 - Marks sets up weekly alerts to monitor any key moves at his main customers.

Mark has decided to watch not only the local subsidiaries (e.g. Unilever Germany but also the whole group Unilever) to better anticipate strategic changes. It took him a few minutes to set global alerts on each account with his free Networker Membership.

Step 2 - Mark searches the list of the 100 best companies to target in for each of the 3 industries.

Mark has asked his 3 sales managers to spot the local and global decision makers on each of the 300 org charts in consumer electronics, consumer goods and food industries which they are targeting in Europe. The sales managers have Premium memberships, so they have unlimited org charts to choose from. 


Step 3 - Mark incorporates the 300 detailed org charts with his company CRM.

He now wants the sales force to invite each potential customer to the big keynote his company sponsors at the largest European packaging fair in June. Mark upgrades to a  VIP membership, and he is sent the 300 org charts listing the top 20 executives with their mini-biographies. 



• Each existing account generate annually 3.4 Mi€.

• Annual Cost: $1,199 (VIP) for Robin + 3 Sales x $299 (Premium) = $2,096.

(*) His name has been changed.