Supercharge your BtoB sales with these simple steps


Meet Nina, a Vice President at a Media Group in NYC. She knows the media industry can be unpredictable, but she's found ways to thrive. Here's how she does it:


Step 1 - Stay informed about changes in your customer base

Nina sets up alerts to get daily updates on personnel changes not just at her customers' US headquarters, but also at their international subsidiaries.


Step 2 - Keep an eye on your competition

Nina receives weekly alerts about important moves in the media industry among her competitors in the US. By staying in the loop, she becomes the go-to expert in her team.


Step 3 - Get the full picture before reaching out

Before contacting an executive, Nina checks their mini-bio. With just one click, she can see their latest conferences, pitches, and more on social media and news platforms.


Step 4 - Expand your global network

Whenever Nina comes across a noteworthy campaign or valuable insights, she sends personalized notes and suggestions to her prospects. By maintaining these connections, she ensures she's their first choice when they need help.


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