Boost your global BtoB sales

Nina Wong (*) is the Vice President Global Key Accounts at a Media Group

She is located in NYC. She knows that 70% of the executives stay less than 24 months in the same job. In her world, budgets switch in or out overnight because a few people may change. This opens great opportunities but also creates major risks to her business.


Step 1 - Nina sets up  alerts to spot any executive moves in her global customers

For each account, she sets a “group” alert to get daily the key moves not only at her customers' US headquarters but also at their subsidiaries located in EMEA, LATAM & APAC.

Step 2 - Nina sets up alerts to watch her competitors

She gets weekly alerts showing the key moves at her competitors in the media industry in the US.  She is now the best informed person within her executive team.

Step 3 - Nina gets a full, current picture before contacting an executive

Nina checks the mini-bio of the executive. With one click, she can see his latest conference and his latest pitch, and anything else about him on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn & Google News. 


Step 4 - Nina expands her current network globally

When she sees a great campaign or has relevant insights for share, she send a short “congrats” notes with a few "suggestions" to her prospects through our contact service. She thus keeps in touch with her extended network. She’ll be the first person they contact when the need arises.



• The average annual revenue per account is 1100 k$. She runs 20 accounts.

• Her annual cost: $299 (premium

(*) Her name has been changed.