4 steps to accelerate a BtoB business


Step 1 - Set a Customer dream List to identify decision-makers in the org chart

Just make a list of their 20 dream customer without any mental barriers!

Then you will compare the business titles within the org chart to decode the relative roles in each executive team (N-1) and in their direct reports (N-2). So the most relevant decision-makers to meet can be identified (e.g. Treasurer, Mobile, Recruiting…).


Step 2 - Get in touch with the most promising decision-makers

Review the 10/20 executive mini-biographies, to see how they can be best introduced and to understand their needs. Now it is time to provide smart insights to the executive through our contact service to spur his interest.


Step 3 - Find additional decision makers with similar profiles

With a few key words (e.g. IT, Security, Marketing, Digital…)n you will find the roles that he had not thought of. In a few seconds, you expand on what is possible within an industry, country, company...


Step 4 - Be the first to know when decision makers are moving

Just set up alerts on the targeted role in their targeted countries or industries. You will be the first to know when someone is nominated, is promoted or is leaving and make relevant contacts at the best possible moment.