Real-time access to decision-makers


In today's constantly changing business landscape, executives typically only stay in their roles for about 3 years. Meaning, 33% of the decision-makers you know will have moved on and been replaced within 12 months.

But here's the good news: our 3 memberships offer the most updated org charts, ensuring you access the latest information. This is our mission.

Even better, our 4 types of alerts allow you to receive email notifications when important changes occur. Stay informed and be ready to act.


Plus, below are 5 tools to easily import our data as files at any time: 

1. Download org charts in Excel. With Premium or VIP access, view and download as many org charts as you need. Choose to download them individually or your top 200 favorites all at once in My Favorites.   

2. Receive alerts in Excel via email. Opt for Premium or VIP access to have an Excel file conveniently attached to your text alert. Simply select this option when setting up your alerts.   

3. Download search results in Excel. Available for our VIP members, either access our self-service option or email us your needs at [email protected]. We'll provide you with the names, roles, companies, industries and fields you're looking for.    

4. REST API. Whether you have a Free, Premium, or VIP membership, our REST API allows you to report changes, update org charts and biographies on demand.    

5. Customized data in 3 formats


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