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His or her mission is to provide the company with the right financial resources for its development.


The Chief Financial Officer has operational roles. His department often includes dedicated teams for accounting, control, treasury, tax, investor relations and financial planning. He controls and records all the commitments by the managers of the companies. He makes sure the accounts and the financial reports fully disclose the genuine situation of the company. He certifies financial information with the external auditors mandated by the Board or the governmental bodies.


The Chief Financial Officer has strategic roles.  He makes sure that the company has a realistic plan and the right financial resources to deliver the expected financial results. He develops trustful relationships with the financial investors including its shareholders, the financial markets and the banks. He optumizes the financial resources and the tax and legal options to improve and secure the financial performance of the company. He reports to the President and has all his trust. He attends the executive committee and sometimes the Board of Directors.


The most common titles covering the responsability of Chief Financial Officer or CFO include Vice President Finance - Director of Finance  - Financial Director  - Senior Vice President, Global Finance - or - Vice President Corporate Finance -.



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