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His or her mission is to provide to the company with well-performing and secure information systems.

The Chief Information Officer has operational roles. He makes sure all the data, all the applications and all the networks are always available. He also protects their integrity against any losses or theft. In his team, he often has dedicated people on project management, application development, production, network, telecommunication and security. He often hires external subcontractors for application development, system maintenance, or the complete outsourcing of the information system.

The Chief Information Officer has strategic roles. He takes the right technology and applies it to the organization and strategy of the company. This role has become key for the success of the company given the increasing complexity of applications and the sometimes total dependence of a company on its information system. He brings his expertise and the tools to the whole management team. He reports to the President or to the Chief Operating Officer. He attends the Executive Committee.

The most common titles covering the responsability of Chief Information Officer or CIO include are Vice President, Information Systems – Vice President, Information Technology – Director of Information Systems - IT Director - or - Director of IT -.

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