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His or her mission is to hire, motivate and manage the workforce of the company.


The Vice President Human Resources has operational roles. He helps the managers with their teams in the organization, hiring, promotions, succession plans and terminations. He is in charge of the salary monthly payments, employee contracts, training, internal mobility, compensations and relations with the various employee representations. The information systems play a growing role in managing the performances and the expectations of the employees. In large companies, his or her direct reports often include managers dedicated to hiring, administration, compensation, social relations and internal communication. He often hires external experts for compensation planning, legal, and social protection.


 The Vice President Human Resources has strategic roles. He provides meaning to the role of the company and anticipates the talent needs for 2 to 5 years in the future. He has a key role in hiring. He often contracts with head hunters to find rare talent. He coordinates the re-organization and restructuring of the various divisions of the company. He reports to the President or to the Chief Operating Officer. He attends the Executive Committee.


The most common titles covering the responsability of Vice President Human Resources include VP HR - Chief People Officer  - Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources - Human Resource Director - Director of Human Resources  - People Director -  or - Director of People -.

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