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Biographies of the most searched CEOs
  1. Chetan Dube, IPsoft, CEO
  2. Craig Menear, Home Depot, Chairman & CEO
  3. Faisal Husain, Synechron, CEO
  4. Peter Baccile, First Industrial Realty Trust, CEO
  5. Kevin Johnson, Starbucks, CEO
  6. James Chu, ViewSonic, CEO
  7. Doug McMillon, Walmart, CEO
  8. Mitch Barns, Nielsen Company, CEO (-> Dec 31 2018)
  9. Charles Phillips, Infor, CEO
  10. Anant Yardi, Yardi Systems, President
Biographies of the most searched CFOs
  1. Gail Carpenter, International, CFO
  2. Scott Parker, Gray Construction, CFO & Gray Development
  3. Chris Clipper, Nike, CFO, North America
  4. Steve Miller, Warby Parker, CFO
  5. David Frey, Dallas Cowboys, CFO
  6. Joan Hilson, Davids Bridal, CFO
  7. Scott Teigen, Kwik Trip, CFO
  8. Mike Dudan, Carolina Panthers, CFO
  9. Chris Leotis, Los Angeles Clippers, CFO
  10. Gabe Orvis, KPA, CFO
Biographies of the most searched Directors or Members of the Supervisory Board
  1. Howard Schultz, Starbucks, Chairman Emeritus
  2. Roberto Mendoza, Western Union, Director
  3. Paul Singh, ControlCase, Director
  4. Timothy Corcoran, Nationwide, Chairman of the Board
  5. Joseph Wender, Outfront Media, Director
  6. Moris Beracha Wuani, Celistics, Director
  7. Peter Knaus, Axa Insurance, Director
  8. Gregory Penner, Walmart, Chairman of the Board
  9. William Zollars, Cerner, Director
  10. David Lisonbee, 4Life Research, Chairman of the Board
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