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Biographies of the most searched CEOs
  1. Timothy Cook, Apple, CEO
  2. Mischel Kwon, MKACyber, Chairman & CEO
  3. Michael Sutcliff, Accenture Digital, CEO
  4. Harry Shum, Microsoft Research, Managing Director
  5. Elon Musk, SpaceX, CEO
  6. Jim Hackett, Ford Motor, CEO
  7. Kimberly McWaters, Universal Technical Institute, CEO
  8. Jeffrey Bezos,, CEO
  9. Brian Duperreault, AIG, CEO
  10. Tom Hutton, SoFi, Interim CEO & Chairman
Biographies of the most searched CFOs
  1. John Bogler, Banc of California N.A, CFO
  2. Sujan Jain, App Annie, CFO
  3. Brian Olsavsky,, CFO
  4. Andrew Cederoth, Career Education, CFO (-> Oct 2017)
  5. David Wehner, Facebook, CFO
  6. Paul Clancy, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, CFO
  7. Andy Beaden, Luxfer, CFO (-> Oct 1 2017)
  8. Luca Maestri, Apple, CFO
  9. Martin Schroeter, IBM, CFO
  10. John Bogler, Banc of California, CFO
Biographies of the most searched Directors or Members of the Supervisory Board
  1. Rosalind Brewer, Starbucks, Director (COO & Director on Oct 2 2017)
  2. Robert DeVincenzi, Universal Technical Institute, Chairman of the Board
  3. Tom Alberg,, Director
  4. Karen Vousden, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Director (Jan 1 2018 ->)
  5. David Dorman, Dell Technologies, Director
  6. Travis Kalanick, Uber, Director
  7. Kennedy Thompson, Insteel Industries, Director
  8. Richard Hipple, Materion, Chairman of the Board
  9. Simon Patterson, Dell Technologies, Director
  10. Conrad Conrad, Universal Technical Institute, Director
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