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Biographies of the most searched CEOs
  1. Sundar Pichai, Google, CEO
  2. David Guyer, Ophthotech, CEO & Chairman (Chairman of the Board on Jul 1 2017)
  3. Elon Musk, Tesla, CEO
  4. Timothy Cook, Apple, CEO
  5. Jeffrey Bezos,, CEO
  6. Diane Bryant, Intel Data Center Group, President (Leave of Absence)
  7. Andrew Jassy, Amazon Web Services, CEO
  8. Travis Kalanick, Uber, CEO
  9. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, Chairman & CEO
  10. Kevin Johnson, Starbucks, CEO
Biographies of the most searched CFOs
  1. John Vandemore, Mattel, CFO, Brands & Sales
  2. Glenn Sblendorio, Ophthotech, CFO (CEO on Jul 1 2017)
  3. Pete Low, Saba Software, CFO
  4. David Wehner, Facebook, CFO
  5. Scott Maw, Starbucks, CFO
  6. Deepak Ahuja, Tesla, CFO
  7. Brian Olsavsky,, CFO
  8. Jeanne O'Keefe, The MathWorks, CFO
  9. Amy Hood, Microsoft, CFO
  10. Kenneth Taylor, Yellow Pages Group (YPG), CFO
Biographies of the most searched Directors or Members of the Supervisory Board
  1. Howard Schultz, Starbucks, Chairman of the Board
  2. Tom Alberg,, Director
  3. Yasir Al Rumayyan, Uber, Director
  4. Alan Horn, The Walt Disney Studios, Chairman of the Board
  5. Jim Sharman, Spartan Motors, Chairman of the Board
  6. Ann Kelleher, Intel Technology & Manufacturing, Co-General Manager
  7. Patricia Russo, Arconic, Interim Chairman of the Board
  8. Brad Buss, Tesla, Director
  9. Diane Greene, Alphabet Inc, Director
  10. John Siegel, Bowie Resource Partners, Chairman of the Board
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