VIP Benefits


Your VIP benefits include:


VIP unique benefits


1. Files and searches: Please contact us to be emailed the custom executive files you need.

2. Download your segment search results in an Excel file to build lists of contacts.


3. Attach Excel files to all your alerts and download at once all your favorite org charts.


4. Four company colleagues of your choice can also benefit from your VIP access:

- Your colleagues should register as a free user with their professional emails.

- Then just email us their emails. Their VIP access will be effective within 24 hours.   


            All Premium benefits


1. Get all the up-to-date organizational charts you want (80,000+) and, 

download them in Excel or PDF. 


2. Spot the decision-takers through [search] and filter your results

by list, reporting level, function, industry and country.


3. Be alerted of the key executive movements at your selected companies

You can schedule your alerts by segments (e.g., Function, Industry, Country)

or by company list (e.g., Global Fortune 500 and all their subsidiaries)


4. If there is something missing, just let us know via Anything missing? on any org chart.

We promise to get back within 24-48 hours!   


For more useful tips, take a look at our VIP demo guide so you can make full use of all the features.



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