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His or her mission is to develop the sales and to protect the margin of the company.


The Sales Vice President has operational roles. He trains and coaches his team members, fixes their targets by customers or markets and measures their achievements. His team answers to private or public tenders.  He is personally involved in negotiations with main customers. He makes sure the contractual commitments such as delivery deadlines  or payment terms are enforced by the parties. His or her team often includes Account Managers, Large Account Managers and  Pre-Sales Managers. His direct reports can be Sales Directors focusing on geographical areas, product lines or customer segments. Sometimes, the  sales administration and the customer service is under his responsibility.


The Sales Vice President has strategic roles. He helps the company to focus on the most promising customers. He prospects new markets. He makes sure the company will achieve its revenue and its gross margin. He or she is an expert in the market and the competition. He reports to the President or CEO or to the Chief Operating Officer. He often attends the Executive Committee.


The most common titles covering the resonsability of Vice President Sales include Chief Sales Officer  - Senior Vice President, Sales - Vice President Business Development  - Commercial Director or Chief Commercial Officer. 



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