Precious Metals & Minerals - General Counsel or Vice President Legal

In the Precious Metals & Minerals industry, the most searched General Counsel or Vice President Legal is currently...
  1. Evgeny Tulubensky, Nordgold, Legal and Regulation
  2. Maria Sanz Perez, AngloGold Ashanti, Legal, Sales & Governance
  3. Chris Meyer, Majestic Steel USA, Legal
  4. James O'Connell, Energy Resources of Australia, Legal & Secretary
  5. Rodulfo Palma, Apex Mining, Legal, Mine Compliance & Risks
  6. Carl Deluca, Detour Gold, Legal & Secretary
  7. Brendan Ward, Alkane Resources, Legal & Commercial
  8. Adam Chester, Caledonia Mining, Legal, Secretary & Compliance
  9. David Savarie, Teranga Gold, Legal, Corporate Affairs & HR
  10. Sarah Armstrong, Cordoba Minerals, Legal

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