How do I update my information?

How often should I update my information ?

We filter any proposed changes to your information and verify that it is provided by a highly probable source. If this is the case, we check it with you by email. We also suggest that you open a Member account so you can make your own changes.

You should receive an email from us once or twice a year.

We suggest you periodically check your preferred links in your mini-bio to better share your professional success. This is a free, powerful tool that helps you contribute to your reputation and be contacted by smart people.   


How does it work?

Just login as a Member. In your Member account, you are able to update your role at any time. You can also make updates directly in the org chart.

Whether you have a member account or not, you will always be informed by e-mail if any change is proposed about you by one of our members, with a direct link to your profile for you to check and to adjust.

Just make sure we have your professional email so that we can contact you first if anything important happens. If you need any help, please  [email protected]. We will do it for you. 


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