The benefits of being listed on your company org chart

1. Be on your company org chart

Listing yourself on your company org chart allows you to be visible to important business contacts and enhance your professional reputation worldwide.

It's easy, free, and only takes a few minutes each quarter.

2. Manage your eReputation

In your executive mini-bio, you can highlight important web links such as your company bio, press releases, professional blog, YouTube pitches, and more.

This not only helps our members, but also boosts your visibility on Google search. We offer this service in 7 languages and can assist in editing your mini-bio if desired.


3. What about competitors and headhunters?

If competitors and headhunters are interested in you and your role, they likely have already gathered information from your former colleagues and employees.

Your visibility on the org chart simply allows you to showcase your professional presence and network with valued contacts.


4. Your privacy

On The Official Board org chart, only your name, business role, and public professional information are provided to members.

Contact emails are sent through our platform to prevent spam, and you have control over who can contact you. You can choose to share or withhold your email address and unsubscribe from receiving emails at any time.


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