Why do I need to be on my company org chart?


• When you are  listed on your company org charts, you'll be seen by high-value business contacts and you'll improve your global professional reputation.

• It is easy and free.  

• It is fast: at most, it will take a few minutes a quarter. 


Case study : Andreas

Andreas is a VP R&D in one of the subsidiaries of a large chemical company listed on The Official Board.  

1. Why Andreas should be on his company org chart?

The Official Board lists all the "visible" positions (Board, N-1, N-2) in the visible companies (over $100M in annual revenue). 

Only genuinely interested professionals who are members will  have access to your org chart. 

Andreas can easily be spotted by a smart candidate, an innovative supplier or a potential customer. His email address is not visible, but he can even be contacted through our email contact service in a few seconds and decide to continue the conversation or not.

No waiting time. No wasted time. Andreas can quickly evaluate our Premium/VIP member's email proposal. He decides to continue, stop or redirect to another more relevant person in his company.

In a highly-connected world, learning from smart outsiders beyond his usual circles is essential. If he does not take advantage of this information, his competitors will.


2. What about Andreas' privacy?

The Official Board only provides members with his name, his business role and some public professional information in his executive mini-bio. 

Our contact emails are sent through our platform. We do not provide the email to avoid spam.  Only Andreas will decide to provide or not his email to the member contacting him.

If Andreas is not interested in "connecting" with the member, he just says "no" w/o providing his email detail. At any moment, Andreas can decide to stop receiving any email from our members.


3. How Andreas can manage his eReputation?

In his mini-bio Andreas lists the web information links he wants to highlight about him. This is fast and easy. 

In his mini-bio, he will display his important, official links such as his company bio, a press release about his company, his professional blog, his latest pitch on YouTube, a good article on his company, his LinkedIn Profile  ...

This information will be viewed by our members but will be also seen as more relevant by Google and thus appear higher in search results. This free service is available in 7 languages for each executive listed on The Official Board.

Andreas’s involvement is optional. If you do not wish to edit your mini-bio yourself, we will do our best for you with the help of our technologies and of our participating members.  


4. What about the competitors and the headhunters?

Many people already know him and his colleagues... 

Given his senior role, Andreas distributes 200+ business cards a year. He has to speak at customers' events and at conferences.

Furthermore, if competitors and the headhunters really care about his company and his role, they already have interviewed several of his former colleagues and employees.


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