How easy is it to update my company org chart?

What are the benefits of having an updated org chart?
Having the right person in the right role at any times is a unique opportunity for the best candidates, customers, suppliers or shareholders to connect with your most appropriate executives.
Your stakeholders will appreciate your transparency and the quality of your team. To avoid opening your org chart to the public, we have set up restricted access with a membership
Which method shall I implement so that my company org chart is always updated?
The best method is to provide us with the right email for each executive. Usually, they are provided to us but not always. Needless to say that we will never share the emails we have collected.
Why this is easiest for me? When we detect a change in an executive's position, we always let the executive know first. Then, he can immediately adjust it on his own. We rarely make errors but with over 2,000 moves a day, it may happen. Each executive can expect to be contacted by us at most 2 or 3 times a year. 
Another method is to appoint a few authorized insiders such as corporate communication or HR to enter any changes in your company. They should register as NetWorker (free) and schedule our free daily alerts to monitor when any changes happen. They should expect a few alerts every quarter. 
How much work is involved? 
Less than a few minutes a month is needed. We keep it ultra-easy for you. 
Any move that you may forgotten to tell us has a strong chance of being caught by our move detectors or by someone interested in your company. Any time there is an update, we will immediately let you know so that you can check.

We have designed our system so information is easy to verify: name, role, reporting line and whether executives can be reached by email.

We never speculate on rumors.  We only post confirmed roles. Anyone who has left a position is withdrawn from the org chart.

As a side note, you would be surprised to see how many CEOs of large companies have personally edited their company org chart to make sure that the right people were visible and reachable.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
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