How Can I Leverage the Global Fortune 500 List?

Being an employee or a vendor of a Global Fortune 500 company is widely perceived as a badge of honor. But it is not the only such prestigious list of corporations.

We have selected 20 highly prestigious company lists. Our most popular lists in 2020 were:

  1. Unicorns
  2. Russell 3000
  3. Global Forbes 2000
  4. Global Fortune 500
  5. Euro Stoxx 600

These lists have been curated by world-class business media or financial institutions. Their data-based selection is updated either weekly, quarterly, or annually. They list the very-best companies. As we say in French, they are la crème de la crème.

Here are the ways you can leverage these 20 lists:

1. Catch new phenomenally successful companies

When new companies are being added to a list, these additions may unveil new trends for your business.

When Tesla was added in the S&P 500, for instance, it was a strong indication about the burgeoning market for electrical vehicles. 20 other companies were also added recently on the S&P 500.

List modifications help you in catching new phenomenally successful companies.

2. Grasp quickly relevant factors for your business

Most of these lists feature data about these large, successful companies.

Scores of renowned data providers such as Bloomberg, Dow Jones, FactSet, Lexis Nexis, Morningstar, or Reuters also scrutinize other facts related to these important companies, including information related to their finances, compliance efforts, industry market share, organizational structures, or carbon footprint.

Their analyses are incredibly instrumental in quickly grasping factors in these companies that are relevant for your business.

3. Dig into their strategies and their organizations

As you know, The Official Board displays the organizational charts of these companies and their main subsidiaries globally (our advertising moment, sorry).

Here is how you can obtain free data and then eventually decide to upgrade for more advanced services:

a. Download the 20 Company Lists in Excel: our file includes the corporate web site, the corporate phone number, their industry, their registration country, a link to each organization chart, their stock ticker when applicable for each company. And did we mention that it was free?

Example: The automotive industry is transforming. Spot the Global Fortune 500 automotive companies located in France, Germany, and Italy. Click to view their organizational charts.

b. Spot for targeted profiles to market your services

Example: Instantly spot the VP Digital working in Russell 3000 companies, located in New York, Texas and California.  Did we say that it was also free?

c. Be alerted monthly of their executive movements. 

Example: The 450+ cash-rich unicorn companies around the globe move fast. Each executive movement can become an opportunity for your business or your career: a VP Customer Acquisition has joined in the US, the VP Content for EMEA will leave in 45 days, the VP Talent is promoted to Chief People and Diversity Officer. These sort of developments are valuable to you and your business. Yes, it is free too…

The real world

Every database vendor will tell you that their database is easy to utilize and navigate.

The experience shows that even for the best of us, a little time is needed to become familiar with new data sets and new tools.

Over ten years, we have relentlessly built and upgrade our tools to make it accessible in self-service.

Should you find  anything missing, please let us know on the organizational charts. One of our analysts will promptly adjust and notify you with an email when ready.

For your intensive usage in self-service, you will get more advanced tools for a (modest) subscription fee.

The cream

Keeping up with big data trends can be quite challenging. Additionally, you do not likely have the time to do it all by yourself.

Let us lend you a hand with our VIP option: we search and email your Excel file with your selected fields of choice.

This might be the exact place to start in sipping the cream.

About Thomas Lot

Thomas Lot is the CEO & Founder of The Official Board. In his own executive roles as head of Apple Europe's retail team and then VP of Amazon Europe, Thomas enjoyed the value of executive networking and recognized the need for clear company org. charts. Now, with the org charts of all the medium & large companies displayed on The Official Board, many more executives can benefit. Please [email protected].