Organizational Trends: Emerging Titans and Resistant Old Guard

In the ever-evolving landscape of organizational structures, agility reigns supreme.

Every twelve months, an astonishing 40% of executives within medium and large companies undergo shifts in job titles, showcasing the fluidity and adaptability inherent in modern corporate environments.

These shifts, driven by a myriad of factors including internal promotions, external hires, and resignations, present a pivotal moment for companies to reassess the relevance of each executive role.

Let’s explore the transformative trends reverberating across the upper echelons of organizational charts, where established stalwarts coexist with dynamic newcomers, each shaping the future of corporate leadership.

The Emergence of New Titans

Over the past two years, 48 job titles (refer to the list) have experienced growth by over 200 positions, with four newcomers seizing the spotlight: VP of Growth, VP of Revenue, VP of Customer Success, and VP of HR and Culture.

These roles, emerging roughly seven years ago, mirror evolving organizational priorities, signaling a shift towards customer expansion, dynamic pricing, customer retention, and fostering positive work environments.

The remaining 44 titles have maintained a robust presence in organizational charts for decades. Their recent growth reflects an increasing demand for domain expertise within the C-Suite to navigate an ever-complex corporate landscape.

Adaptability of Established Roles

Overall, only 13 job titles (refer to the list) out of 370 have declined by over 20 positions, confirming the resilience and enduring relevance of established roles.

While change sweeps through, three job titles – VP of Project Management, Co-Managing Director, and Executive Vice President – have seen declines of over 100 positions, as favoring more individual responsibilities than generalized oversight.

For example, Co-Heading, such as Co-Managing Director or Co-President in our list, promotes collegiality and enables handling complex missions that may be too challenging for a single person. Today, there is a preference for less Co-Heading, aiming to increase accountability and manage complexity through more direct reports with specialized expertise.

Insights from the Frontlines

The emergence of fresh roles at the apex of companies underscores the need for specialized expertise in innovative initiatives.

For instance, in the last seven years, VP Data, VP Digital, VP Social Media, and VP Analytics have undergone fluctuations as their expertise was integrated across organizations.

Let’s delve into the rationale behind why four key roles defy norms and continue to grow:

  • VPs of Customer Success: Pioneering strategies for long-term client satisfaction, especially in B2B contexts.

  • VPs of Revenue: Crafting initiatives to maximize revenue generation across all channels, with a keen focus on industries like hospitality and transportation.

  • VPs of Growth: Leading strategic efforts to ensure sustainable business expansion, particularly in consumer-oriented sectors.

  • VPs of HR & Culture: Designing and implementing HR strategies aligned with company goals, crucial for fostering positive workplace environments.
Key Takeaways

Analyzing the top tiers of organizational charts unveils strategic priorities. Amidst rapid changes in executive teams, expert roles are in high demand.

The emergence of lesser-known roles like VP Revenue, VP Growth, VP Customer Success, and VP HR & Culture marks a significant shift in the corporate landscape.

With these insights, it’s evident: the winds of change are blowing, and the organizational charts of tomorrow will look vastly different from today’s.

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Methodology: We’ve examined positions at 80,000 companies generating over $100 million annually, identifying significant shifts in job titles from January 2022 to January 2024. The appendix lists their 48 fastest-growing and 15 fastest-declining business titles. Please contact us for further information.

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