Seven Things to Know About Data Management

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I have just returned from the NOAH17 Conference. During the two-day conference at Berlin’s Tempodrom, hundreds of CEOs and founders from established champions and emerging disruptors across industries shared tips and trends in their respective digital initiatives. I am grateful to Justus Lumpe and Marco Rodzynek for inviting me to speak on the topic of data management and for organizing such… More


The Embrace of Human Resources Analytics

HR-Mktg-Employee Engagement

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it,” business management icon Peter Drucker is quoted as saying. Identifying, developing and measuring vital business metrics are the starting point and foundation business improvement processes. All of this is no less true in human resources, where functions have only become more complex. Human resources executives are… More


Charting a Path to the Boardroom


By Yo-Jud Cheng Doctoral Student at Harvard Business School, and Boris Groysberg Professor at Harvard Business School. Board directorships provide an intellectual challenge for directors and an opportunity to not only share expertise but to also gain new insights. For many high-potential executives, a board directorship marks the next frontier of career advancement and opens doors… More


Four Board Challenges Unveiled in Harvard Research Survey

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How can boards function more effectively? And what role can board members play in supporting the strategic objectives of the firms they oversee? Harvard Business School Professor Boris Groysberg and doctoral student Jocelin Yo-Jud Cheng along several research partners (listed below) are conducting a survey that will help us answer these very questions. Their preliminary analyses… More


What 2016 Has in Store for Executive Recruitment

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Nearly three months into 2016, there is every reason to believe this will be a critical year for the executive recruitment industry.  The industry is rapidly adjusting to new realities in the world’s evolving economic realities and leveraging emerging opportunities in technology and social media.  At least seven trends are driving change in executive recruiting:… More


It’s Better to Address God Than His Saints

God Saints Sales Chess Square

  The French, we have a proverb that, translated to English, goes like this: It’s better to address God than His Saints. In no profession is it more applicable than sales, where the difference between success and failure is reaching the right person with the right message at the right time. But who is the… More


Seven Trends for Management Consulting in 2015

Consulting - Best Trends 2015

Management consultants have good reason for cheer.  Their industry segment in the US only has grown over 4% every year since 2009, reaching $165 billion in 2014 (IbisWorld). Their revenue is poised to keep growing in the year to come. 2015 also presents new realities and challenges in an industry that is ever-evolving and that is impacted by… More


27 Trends in Executive Searches for 2015

Executive Trends 2015 - Now Hiring!! -

Executive Summary With the New Year and the finalization of 2015 business budgets, many corporations will soon begin executive searches for existing openings and new positions.  Many companies will launch these searches in-house, typically with inside Human Resources personnel.  Many others will turn to executive search firms to find their candidates. As they proceed with… More


Eight Tips to Master Executive Cold Calls

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The cold call.  To many, the very phrase has that unsettling sound of nails down a chalkboard, invoking imagery of a task involving countless wasted hours and days on a phone calling potential contacts or customers who ultimately don’t want to be bothered.  To these skeptics, the cold call is an intimidating function, simultaneously tedious, repetitious… More