The Embrace of Human Resources Analytics

HR-Mktg-Employee Engagement

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it,” business management icon Peter Drucker is quoted as saying. Identifying, developing and measuring vital business metrics are the starting point and foundation business improvement processes. All of this is no less true in human resources, where functions have only become more complex. Human resources executives are… More


HR and Marketing Synergies Grow


Large companies throughout the world are increasingly focused on developing their brand not just with prospective customers, but also with existing employees. To develop and communicate an “employer brand”, corporate human resources executives are leveraging many of the tools traditionally managed by marketing departments–social media, internal communications and advertising. Because human resources departments may lack the… More


Executive Search Firms vs. Inside Recruiters

Survey - Executive Search Firms - Internal Executive Recruiters -

One of the hottest ongoing debates in the field of executive recruiting is whether recruiting efforts are better handled by inside recruiters or whether it’s preferable to outsource the function to executive search firms, which maintain singular focus and expertise on the recruiting function. The survey concludes that executive search firms are favored by the… More


Five Apps for Human Resources Managers

Best VP HR Apps

Amidst the now million apps available for smartphones, there are abundant options. Last month, we highlighted five apps that are promising and helpful to Chief Financial Officers (CFOs).  This month, we feature five intriguing apps helpful to executives who manage human resources functions. Today’s HR manager has many needs but two things are predominant: Access to… More