12 Emerging C-Level Positions

On business cards  and on LinkedIn profiles too, business titles are the epicenter of the corporate ladder of power and professional recognition. When new business titles emerge, they are likely to be much more than mere semantics. More commonly, they reveal deeper shifts in corporate strategies and directions. We have observed that 12 C-level roles nearly non-existent a mere… More


Understanding the subtleties of an org chart

A company org chart gives you a great overview of all the executives and their business titles. Each title has been carefully chosen by the company. You can learn a lot by examining all the titles chosen by the company, and use that to identify the decision-makers that could affect you or your business!


3 changes at the top of the org charts in 2013

Executive Women Presence - Large Medium Companies - The Official Board - 2013

In 2013, more than 300,000 executives’ roles have been updated, added or deleted in medium and large companies worldwide. Here are 3 trends we have noticed: executive Turnover remains high; executive opportunities for women are (very) slowly improving; new roles in Digital, Risk & Human Resources expand.