Understanding the subtleties of an org chart

A company org chart gives you a great overview of all the executives and their business titles. Each title has been carefully chosen by the company. You can learn a lot by examining all the titles chosen by the company, and use that to identify the decision-makers that could affect you or your business!

PDF Org Chart Apple

1. Read all the business titles and check the reporting lines

  • Read each business title
  • Understand the focus of each executive and the objectives s/he may have.
  • Determine and infer how the executives (and their roles) relate to each other.

Benefit: Understanding which decision-makers really matter for you

HSBC - Subsidiaries -

2. Look at the mother company, the sister & daughter companies 

  • Understand the different roles
  • Look for differences and missing pieces
  • If there is no related company, look at a few companies in the same industry

Benefit: understand the business model and the go-to-market

Create an alert

3.  Set up daily, weekly or monthly alerts

  • Get an email when there are new hires, recent promotions or resignations.
  • Select “the entire group” to know about all the moves within the group
  • Before any calls, watch the history of all the moves in “My recent searches”

Benefit: Change means opportunities. You’ll be the first to know.

Special thanks to Paul for asking the questions!

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