6 ways recruiters can enhance the candidate experience

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What can employers do to enhance candidates’ experiences with their recruitment processes?

One of the greatest disappointments of candidates, they found from repeated comments on the job search site Glassdoor is companies’ inadequate communication during the process and especially when they are not selected.

Think this doesn’t impact a company?

Think again, Korn Ferry warns. “Globally around three quarters of respondents said they would turn down a job offer if the interview process was poor.

A similar number claimed they would likely stop buying products or services from a company where they had a bad interview experience.

Nearly half would urge friends and family to stop being a customer as well,” Korn Ferry reports.

But what specifically can companies do to leave their applicants feeling better about the process?

Korn Ferry reports in this blog of six findings from a survey they conducted of applicants asking exactly that question.

One of the six suggestions: Make sure the company’s digital tools are cutting edge and user-friendly.

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