Need more than 24 hours in your day? Here are 5 powerful ways to make more time

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We live in a work culture where the word “yes” is inherently the answer when we are asked to take on new projects or assignments. “Sometimes we say yes to assignments or projects because we don’t want to come across as incompetent or lazy.

Or, we will say yes out of guilt or some external pressure,” Inc. contributing writer Peter Economy correctly writes. But is “yes” always the right answer?

Of course, it isn’t, and that’s why employees need to do a better job in learning how to sometimes say “no.”

But how we say “no” is important because it is important that refusals to take on new work are not misinterpreted—and also so that employees can maintain a sensible approach to their limited time.

This Inc. article lays out five things likely worth saying “no” to—and why doing so will help avoid the burnout so common in today’s workplace.

After all, “working hard is important, but working to death is overrated,” this valuable article states.

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