The COVID-19 talent trends that organizations need to look out for

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Widely reported, the COVID-19 pandemic is dramatically changing the way employees around the world are working.

With these changes, companies are gaining a newfound recognition of the need for various skill sets and technologies.

This article identifies four such trends.

#1 Employee Digital Engagement

First, while technology has always driven many corporate functions, it now is being utilized broadly across companiess, raising new and important questions:

  • How can employees be better engaged digitally, for instance?
  • How are new employees onboarded in an unconventional work environment like the one COVID-19 is presenting?
  • How do other core corporate functions—finance, supply chain management, and others—operate in this atypical, largely unprecedented environment?
#2 Cyber Privacy and Cyber Security

Second, with a growing need for solid cybersecurity systems and processes, companies are recognizing that there exists a divide between cyber privacy and cybersecurity functions.

This is giving rise to new and more function-specific  job roles and titles within these two corporate functions.

#3 Sales Outcome Recognition

Third, companies are giving a new look at sales functions and increasingly giving newfound prominence to the various sales support functions that are attached to successful sales outcomes.

As part of this recognition, companies also are increasingly ensuring that all sales functions ultimately are outcome-focused.

#4 Soft Skill Emphasis

Fourth and finally, there is a mounting emphasis placed on the need for developed soft skills among corporate engineers as the need for engineers to communicate more extensively within and outside the company grows in the COVID-19 work environment.

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