Upskill and reskill: Why skill development is key to future success

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The coronavirus pandemic is challenging global companies in so many ways it is almost difficult to keep up with all of them.

But the challenge of employee skill development during the pandemic, especially including developing employee skills in a largely remote work environment, is right up there among the biggest such challenges.  

Skill development is a growing challenge

Top CHRO, which provides informative guidance to chief human research officers, is instructive in reminding us that the challenge of skill development was immense even before the pandemic–and it has become incrementally more challenging throughout it.

Surveys of company executives validate the magnitude of the problem: according to a McKinsey survey,

87 percent of executives “currently see or expect workforce skill gaps”

But nearly half also concede that they do not know exactly how to address the problem.

CHRO contends that what companies need is a talent strategy—and these strategies must address both current corporate needs and anticipated future talent needs.

The largely technical forces that were driving corporate skill shortages have accelerated during the past few months of the pandemic.

Digital capabilities, as well as skills in adaptation, cognition and emotion.

What is needed now, CHRO says, is “a broad agenda of reskilling and upskilling” that enhances “digital capabilities as well as skills in adaptation, cognition, and emotion.”   

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