Six Steps to Landing a Corporate Board of Directors Affiliation

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  Prior to the 2002 passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act that tightened the finance and governance regulations of U.S.-based public companies, service on a publicly-traded company’s board of directors was globally considered by some to be something of a cushy professional affiliation.  Board members were compensated well and usually met only four times annually (sometimes… More


Seven Trends Poised to Drive Business Development

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In recent weeks, we have highlighted trends likely to impact the executive recruiting and management consulting industries in the year to come.  We conclude with a look at one of the most vital functions of any company: business development. There is every good reason to believe the year to come offers a continuation of some… More


Seven Trends for Management Consulting in 2015

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Management consultants have good reason for cheer.  Their industry segment in the US only has grown over 4% every year since 2009, reaching $165 billion in 2014 (IbisWorld). Their revenue is poised to keep growing in the year to come. 2015 also presents new realities and challenges in an industry that is ever-evolving and that is impacted by… More


27 Trends in Executive Searches for 2015

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Executive Summary With the New Year and the finalization of 2015 business budgets, many corporations will soon begin executive searches for existing openings and new positions.  Many companies will launch these searches in-house, typically with inside Human Resources personnel.  Many others will turn to executive search firms to find their candidates. As they proceed with… More


Eight Tips to Master Executive Cold Calls

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The cold call.  To many, the very phrase has that unsettling sound of nails down a chalkboard, invoking imagery of a task involving countless wasted hours and days on a phone calling potential contacts or customers who ultimately don’t want to be bothered.  To these skeptics, the cold call is an intimidating function, simultaneously tedious, repetitious… More


Five Must-Have Media Apps for Executives

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Good news: Never before has so much information—data, advice, research, news—been available to the business executive. Not so good news: No executive could ever get through even a fraction of even the best of the information age’s materials, so deciding what to read and for what purpose now becomes a hugely incredibly important decision. In… More


Five Apps for Sales and Business Development

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For the sales professional, the diverse, vast and hugely critical functional responsibilities associated with the sales function have led to the development of literally thousands of apps that may be useful in various components of the sales process.  As we did in our prior posts for CFOs and HR professionals, however, we have honed in… More


Five Apps for Human Resources Managers

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Amidst the now million apps available for smartphones, there are abundant options. Last month, we highlighted five apps that are promising and helpful to Chief Financial Officers (CFOs).  This month, we feature five intriguing apps helpful to executives who manage human resources functions. Today’s HR manager has many needs but two things are predominant: Access to… More


Five Apps for the CFO

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Today’s business executive can be forgiven for asking the question: How did we ever get by without smart phones and their apps? But with about a million apps now on the market, which offer the most promise for the busy executive? That depends largely on an executive’s functional responsibilities. Here, we first tackle five apps… More