The Art of the Public Divorce Announcement

Viewed in The Wall Street Journal with Elizabeth Bernstein.

This Wall Street Journal article tackles the reality of the 21st century marriage: As much as prominent executives, like all of us, take our marital vows expecting them to be for life, the reality of divorce statistics force us to address the reality that not all marriages endure “until death do us part”.

When divorce comes, The Journal advises, prominent executives, and especially those running large public corporations, need to pro-actively define the narrative of their divorce—or run the serious risk that this narrative will be defined publicly (and quite possibly inaccurately) by others.

Describe a separation pro-actively to minimize conjecture, including a statement. Also, leverage social media, and especially Twitter, for the statement’s dissemination. 

The innovative way Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos have co-announced their divorce can apply to many business separations (e.g., an iconic executive quitting or an historical founder being fired).

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