9 Things First-Time Founders Get Wrong About the Journey

Viewed on SaaStr with Jason Lemkin.

In this article, Jason Lemkim, provides guidance to successful executives pondering the launching of a startup. His advice: Go for it, but keep some common startup myths prominently in mind:

Startups rarely launch quickly; they typically take 24 months to reach fruition

Venture capital may still be the buzz, but the reality is that very few startups actually receive venture capital funding

In the early days of a startup, entrepreneurs usually cannot rely on outsourcing the sales function for their product or service. Instead, entrepreneurs should plan on managing sales on their own, at least until such time as sales reach a threshold that affords the new company the opportunity to hire or retain a professional sales executive or sales force.

Developing a startup from scratch requires, of course, different skill sets from being a successful executive in a large company. 

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