The World’s Largest Public Companies 2019

Viewed in Forbes.

Forbes this month completed its 17th annual Global 2000 list, which ranks the world’s largest publicly-traded corporations.

Among the findings: The United States continues to lead the world as the headquarters for these large companies;  575 of the 2000 are based there. China comes in a fairly distant second with 309 and Japan third with 223.

Yet, while China/Hong Kong are second, their ascent since the list was first launched in 2003 is mighty. In that year, China/Hong Kong was the headquarters for a mere 43 of these 2000 corporations.

And while the U.S. continues to lead all countries with the most of the 2000 largest companies, it actually today is home to fewer than it was in 2003 when it was home to 776 of the 2000.

Among industries, Forbes found that banking companies lead in largest representation among these 2000 with 308. Diversified financial companies are second with 145.

Banking companies also are, collectively, the most profitable among the 2000 with over $600 billion in collective profits.

View the Forbes Global 2000 company organizational charts with their 215,000+ executives.

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