A guide to corporate innovation: 19 strategies to drive innovation now

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Global business is filled with clichés and often repeated trends that sound and look great yet ultimately offer little. But they do provide insight to the fact that we can take these things way too seriously.

CBInsights takes a humorous look at 19 tactics to “make your corporation look more innovative.” The emphasis on these tactics is on the “look” because, as this article implies, they ultimately do not guarantee innovation at all. But they sure do look catchy.

What are some examples of these faux attempts at presenting your corporation as innovative? “Have a brainstorming meeting that uses lots of Post-It notes.”   

“Put them all over the room and have a great conversation full of ideas around disruption and new business models. And then don’t follow through.”

And how about titles? “Hire a digital innovation Sherpa or chief intrapreneur or head of ecosystem and give them no resources or budget. Ensure these folks have cool hair.”

This CBSInsights article offers twelve additional examples.

The point is well taken. What is here and now, what is cool for the moment, and what everyone else is doing might ultimately be nothing but a distraction.

Business fundamentals ultimately still apply: Develop a much-needed service or product, treat customers well, commit to excellence, and focus on top line growth and bottom line profitability.

While business is surely evolving, many of the fundamentals that have always applied are still the centerpiece to success.

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