Facial Recognition is already here: These are the 30+ U.S. companies testing the technology

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Technology unfolds in phases, and we are in the midst of yet another groundbreaking one right now.

Facial recognition technologies are likely to transform much of customer transactions across multiple industries in the years to come.

“Biometic technology such as facial recognition can quickly and accurately identify individual people and their emotional state, making it a powerful tool for ensuring security and preventing fraud,”

CBInsights reports in this summary of thirty-plus U.S. companies that are engaged in currently testing facial recognition technologies.

CBInsights sees facial recognition being utilizing across eleven industries: law enforcement, automobiles, banking, beauty brands, energy, food and beverage, healthcare, hotels, insurance, retail, and travel.

The article highlights over 30 U.S.-based companies currently engaged in testing facial recognition technologies and likely to be early market leaders in this hugely promising emerging technology.

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