8 Brilliant Things you Can Do to Increase your Emotional Intelligence

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What is “emotional intelligence”? Before the phrase gained prominence in the mid-1990s following publication of a book by the same name by science journalist Daniel Goleman, it is not something most executives could answer.

Ability to recognize the emotions of others

But in the years since, its definition—“the ability to recognize, understand, and influence the emotions of others” as this Inc. article defines it—has grown and so has acknowledgment of it as a key managerial attribute.

Connect and Empathize with Peers

But if, hypothetically, you made the decision tomorrow that you wanted to increase your emotional intelligence, what precisely would you do? This Inc. article describes eight such things. “When you master being aware of your emotions and the emotions of others, you can connect and empathize with peers and co-workers much more cohesively to reach solutions faster,” the author argues.

Eight steps and their Associated Descriptions

The eight steps described for those seeking to increase their emotional intelligence are:
  1. Kill negative self-talk,
  2. Stop judging others,
  3. Live by your values,
  4. Lean on your intuition,
  5. Learn to grow from your failures,
  6. Heal from past hurts,
  7. Practice forgiveness, and
  8. Acknowledge your blind spots.

A good place to start

“Like many things in life, increasing your emotional intelligence and becoming a more effective human being takes practice,” this Inc. author writes. These eight steps are good places to start.

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